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SEPTEMBER 6th, 2013

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g Appl■iances, the〓 country's leadi●ng electrical appl◆iance retaile○r, announced in● late June ●that it signed an a○greement with○ Japanese electrica●l appliance ret○ailer Laox.〓China has announced ●the detail●ed subsidy ■plan for auto and h○ome applian◆ce replacements.〓 The National ■Development and Ref■orm Commissio●n said on Wedn●esday that consumer○s who trade-in their○ used small and〓 medium-sized● truck will receive● a rebate ■from three t〓o six thousand y◆uan.Those wh◆o trade-in used ○certain types of ●medium-sized p■assenger cars f〓or new ones may al○so receive〓 up to six-thousan◆d yuan. Rebates will■ also be g●iven to those who se◆ll automobil〓es that ar○e still wi●thin life exp■ectancy, but n●o longer me●et the government'〓s emission standa〓rds. The Commissio●n said purchaser■s of home ap〓pliance replacem●ents can enjoy a dir■ect price reductio●n while buying ne○w applianc●es. Buyers will ○also receive a sub○sidy worth 10 ●percent of ●the retail price ◆on five kinds of n○ew appliances, s◆uch as


TV sets,● refrigerato■rs, and was●hing machines●. Xiong Ru●nlian is renovating〓 her house and● is unsure what■ to do with a ○13-year-old 19-inch● TV with a br■oken kinescop●e that has○ been abandon●ed in the at〓tic for the bet○ter part of a d○ecade."I do not ●know to deal wit○h the old TV set;● selling to th●e peddlers is ◆not worth it at ●all, but l○eaving it at ●home takes up too■ much space," ●said Xiong.Th■e ruined TV set is○ not her on○ly headache. An o〓ld 21-inch monit◆or also has be●en collecting dust ●in the attic.A○ survey co◆nducted by ■the college of E○nvironmental S●cience and Enginee◆ring at Yangzhou U◆niversity fo●und 61 percent of r〓ural families in ■Jiangsu provi●nce have at least tw●o out-of-servic○e TV sets, and 50 pe○rcent, 18 percent an〓d 8 percent of fam●ilies have broken ■radios, washing ma●chines and re○frigerators, resp■ectively.Some surve●yed choose to ke●ep them at ho◆me for the memori◆es, or sell them ◆to door-to-door pe◆ddlers. Ten p◆ercent say

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■ they will simply d●iscard them o●utside.The life span◆ of an average TV is● 8 to 10 years and ●an average pe●rsonal computer's○ is six, acc〓ording to t●he Standardization● Administration o●f China.Jiao◆ Fu, from Chen○de, Hebei P〓rovince, has been ■in the e-waste busin●ess in Beijing〓 for years. He◆ said there○ is a vast surplus ◆of junked TVs and ra■dios in his rural■ home. "Go figu○re; I collect e-●waste in Beiji●ng for a living bu■t at home there is w◆ay to deal with ○it. It's kind o○f funny," said Jiao.◆But scattered villa◆ges, such as those ●in Jiao's home c■ounty, make e-wast■e collection wor●k more difficult, 〓he added.Wen■ Jiabao urges innov●ation to boost ●economyPremier Wen〓 Jiabao visi■ted east China's S●handong pro■vince on New Year◆'s Day, to get a ●first-hand look ●at people's lives t?/p>

in ◆mid-July a

駂ere. He has pled●ged more mea●sures from the ce○ntral governm●ent to stimulate d○omestic demand◆, and has urged i●nnovation in l〓ocal economies to cr〓eate more opportun■ities for developmen◆t.Wen Jiabao'〓s tour to Shandon■g has introduced◆ new ideas into the● New Year atmosphe○re. Visiting a ■candle factory, th◆e premier encou●raged staff to ■focus more on innov●ation, and to cr■eate good products t〓hat meet di■verse demands fro■m home and abroad.He〓 also emphasized th〓e need to explore ●the possibili●ties in rura●l markets, which ha●ve large und■eveloped potential f■or consumption●. The country◆ has just relea◆sed preferential po●licies to subsidize○ the purchase of ele〓ctric applianc◆es and devices by○ rural res●idents. Wen Jiab〓ao looked into th〓e implementation ●of the polic◆

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y from production t○o sale. The Sta■te Council beli○eves uncertainties○ still exist in ec◆onomic developme○nt. The govern●ment will ther〓efore maintain◆ most of its ●pro-consumption● policies 〓next year to ens◆ure stable and ■fast growth.Extend 〓home appliance sub●sidiesIt will exten○d subsidies■ on purchases of h■ome applian◆ces in rural areas■. Specifica●lly, it wil●l raise the uppe■r limits o◆f prices for targete◆d products and ■improve subsidy● standards. 〓Local

i■llion yuan●.The

governments◆ are also allowed t●o add one category ○to the subsidized s●cope based on local◆ situations. Extend● car subsidie◆s The State Council● is also extending● subsidies ◆for car purchases i〓n rural areas●. While subsidi〓es for motorcycles ◆will be in place ■till January 31st●, 2013.Continue home〓 appliance repl●acement Pilot projec●ts on home app◆liance replac●ement will■ also continue. Tha○t project was sc◆heduled to● finish at the end ●of May. More a●reas are expected t◆o be include●d in the project●s. Extend a○gri

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cultural m◆achinery subsidies T■he governm■ent will also incre■ase funding ■to th


hinery a○nd tools, 〓while extending the ●policy. So f●ar, 13 billi■on yuan worth

of● overseas


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icy is now availabl◆e in only ni○ne provinces● and municipaliti●es across the c◆ountry. An●d only those● people with regist■ered residen〓ce, can enjoy th●e subsidies. ■This excludes a◆ large number of con■sumers.Many● customers also qu●estioned t●he current pro●cedures of replacing◆ old for new. T■he government ○has required cos●tumers to sell the■ir old appl○iances to recyc●ling enterprises ●first, and ■then buy the● new ones. But this ●creates inconvenie◆nce to their lif〓e.Customer, said, "〓I cannot sel■l the old ones● before bu〓ying new ones. ■If I couldn't find■ any satisfied ●ones in time, ○I'll have 〓no applianc●es to use."Cust〓omers hope t■heir concerns wi■ll be cons◆idered in formula○ting the detaile●d regulati○ons by the governm○ent. Some compani○es are trying t〓o help.Recycling〓 enterprises 〓are also facing dif■ficulties. This ente〓rprise in Shangh○ai recycles over ●1000 home-●appliances pe〓r month. But the● new polic■y doesn't mean a p○rofit.Chen Wanchun, ◆Recycling Compa■ny Manager, said, "■The governme●nt wil

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l subsid○ize the customers ●and recyclin○g centers for the ◆old products, bu〓t not our ●recycling enterprise●s. How can w●e be posit○ive?"It is es○timated tha●t recycling ●five million ●home-appliances per ●year could mean a〓 profit of 1.5 bill○ion yuan. Recycling 〓enterprises a○re calling fo○r more order in th■e market, and pol●icy-support from the○ government.〓BEIJING, Ma〓y 13 (Xinh〓ua) -- China will● allow non-deposi■t-taking institut●ions both home an●d overseas to o◆ffer consumer loa●ns to its ◆c

onths.In earl●y Jun

itizens, a■ new measure to s〓timulate domestic c●onsumption. Ch◆ina Banking Regula●tory Commission● (CBRC) issue●d, on its po●rtal Web sit○e Tuesday, man■agement measures on ●the experi■ment of consumer fi●nancing com〓panies to ■seek publi〓c opinions. Consume●r-financing compani●es will be■ allowed t●o operate o■n a trial bas◆is in China's four○ major cities● -- Beijing, Sh〓anghai, Tianjin and 〓Chengdu. Loans w○ill be extended 〓to individuals witho〓ut collateral for bu〓ying durable good■s, including ●appliances and elect●ronic produ■cts, and oth○er private consumpti■on such as trav●el and education,○ but it has barre◆d such loans for〓 cars and prop

erty◆, according to the d〓raft. Cred●it interest rate is● restricted to no mo〓re than four tim●es higher than the◆ benchmark interes●t rate, and loa〓n amounts should not◆ be five times ●more than ■the debtors' mo○nthly inco●me. The CBRC has ○not said when th○e regulatio●ns would take e◆ffect, but it○ said June○ 12 would be t○he deadline for p〓ublic feedback. ■Foreign and dome◆stic institution○s with minimum● assets of 80 bill○ion yuan (12 b〓illion U.S. dollars◆), at le

as◆t five years experie○nce in prov○iding consumer loa◆ns, and a profitable○ record for the p◆ast two year●s, are allowed● to set up consu●mer financin〓g companies,● the CBRC requi■res. Gome, China's○ leading elec○tronics retail ●chain, will focu●s on transforming so◆me of its exist●ing stores int■o more pro◆fitable me〓ga stores rather◆ than expandi〓ng the number ◆of stores

nationwi○de, a compan●y executive said〓 yesterday.The 〓move is part of ○the company's effort◆s at "strat〓egic transformat●ion" aimed at helpin〓g the firm shake o●ff the ill■-effects of ●a scandal involv○ing its billiona◆ire founde●r Huang Gu■angyu's alleg■ed stock man〓ipulation.● Huang is under inve○stigation for alleg◆ed economic f〓raud, and that h●as hit the firm hard●.Gome Vice-Pr○esident He Yangqi〓ng said Gome plans● to either renovat〓e or set up 〓at least five to si■x such mega stores ■in major cities, ○including B○eijing and Shang■hai.Besides, the c○ompany intends t●o build such outlets◆ in the second- ○and third-tier

, ○a Chen

◆ cities as well, He● said.The rest of● Gome's stores woul◆d be converted into ●flagship and ■community stores 〓that respectively○ sell 3C (compu◆ter, communic○ations and ●consumer el◆ectronics) products ◆and small household◆ appliances, bot◆h of which a〓re expected ◆to

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